What is Everyone Saying?


I met Jodi when my third baby was born. Oh how grateful I was and so wished I could have met her with my first. Jodi worked with us and helped us get a good latch and when I told her of my past problems she genuinely cared and looked into it right away. It was the first time I felt completely heard and like someone wanted to help me get to the bottom of a nursing problem I had since my first baby. She was with me through it all with number three willing to answer any questions I had, provided me with information and guidance all while being very compassionate. When my fourth baby came along, I was confident starting breastfeeding knowing I had Jodi’s support, knowledge and expertise. I am so thankful for Jodi helping me through my nursing journey. I think everyone needs support like hers. She is compassionate, gentle, knowledgeable, resourceful, willing, joyful and you can just tell she loves doing what she does, which makes it an even better experience.


I couldn’t say enough about Jodi and her services! Even thought I had taken many classes and been around nursing mamas a lot, I was struggling to nurse my fresh babe. She was a phone call away, came to my home, and was hands on helping me figure out what positions worked best for us. She made sure baby was eating and satisfied before she left. She gave me so much confidence to stay strong, breathe and keep going!